Beauty College doesn’t prepare you for real-world experience…

Internships are a great idea if you wish to hone your technical skills once you’re a licensed cosmetologist.


What to expect from this apprenticeship program:

We will work together for 6 weeks baseline and up to 6 months.

We will focus on Customer Service, first and foremost.

You will first learn shampoo techniques and styling methods on clients.

There are one-on-one classes weekly- often two.

There is an assessment for each series of haircuts, color techniques, updos, and styles.

We will continue building on that once you have mastered the basics.

I will give you client retention and critical thinking tools.

I will show you how to make exceptional wages in this industry by booking your clientele properly.

You will have every-day client interaction and concept absorption while you work with me and my built clientele.


A private consultation is recommended for each student to assess the cost for the program, duration of the program, and a skill-set evaluation is needed so we can start you on the right path.

It is not free;  I work with my students and understand the struggle of starting out.

Every single apprentice who has worked with me has become successful at their trade and taught me just as much as I’ve had the honor to teach them!

**NOT Currently taking new apprentices**

Latest apprentice, Chelsea Jaffarian, graduates!